Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Lara's Vehicles

Lara drives all manner of vehicles during her adventures...

Tomb Raider III

Quad Bike/All Terrain Vehicle - Fun to drive, this is useful for jumping ramps.

Kayak - This is hard to manoeuvre and takes practise especially when turning.

Underwater Propulsion Vehicle (UPV) - Lara uses this to quickly move underwater and it has a light and harpoon gun attached.

Speedboat - This keeps Lara out of the icy waters of the Antarctic and is very fast, perhaps a little too fast!

Mine Cart - Rather hard to keep on it's rails while still moving quickly enough, it's an exciting vehicle to ride.

Tomb Raider Legend Vehicles

Ducati 999

This is one of the most famous bikes in motorsport and is the most powerful and advanced twin-cylinder bike made by Ducati.
Lara finds this bike in Japan.

Ducati Monster S2R

Lara rides this air-cooled, two-valved bike in two levels - Peru and Kazakhstan.

Also at Lara's disposal are rafts that she can move using her grapple.

Lara also rides a train and in her friend Anaya's Jeep.

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