Monday, 1 March 2010

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Chronicles - Classic Outfit

This outfit pops up again in Tomb Raider Chronicles

The top is tight and long, tucked into the shorts. It is sleeveless and has a scooped neckline.
A lot of the official models wore a latex top, but that's harder to care for and, I would imagine, quite hot to wear!
If you're making this costume I'd think that a stretch fabric, possibly with a slight shine, would be a good choice.

The shorts are rolled at the hem, and are pretty short, with a wide black leather belt and holsters. The buckle is a large gold rectangle.
The shorts are probably some kind of hard wearing cotton, perhaps like denim.

Lara's boots are darker brown this time and mid-calf height, with white socks poking over the top.

Her backpack finishes the look. It's made of brown leather or canvas and is quite square, with two rectangular buckles.


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