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Lara Croft - The Last Revelation & Chronicles - Young Lara

In the training level of The Last Revelation and in Tomb Raider Chronicles you get to play as young Lara.

Her sleeveless top is a white/light blue colour, with an slightly shorter
olive green padded bodywarmer over the top, and comes right up to her neck.

Her shorts are also an olive colour and are much longer than the adult Lara's, and slightly looser.

In the game her outfit looks a solid green colour, but in these promo shots it's a camouflage pattern.

In terms of fabric, the top is more than likely a stretch cotton, and the shorts and bodywarmer are cotton.

She wears the same style of black boots and white socks as her adult counterpart.

Other significant differences include a lack of weapons and a different hairstyle.

Young Lara's hair is pulled into pigtails, with strands of hair around her face.


Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Legend - Winter Outfit

This brown jacket is double-breasted and fur lined, with white fur collar, pockets and turned up cuffs.

Lara wears snug grey trousers tucked into big black boots.

Underneath she wears a comfy ribbed-knit jumper, slightly cropped.

As layers are important in the cold she wears a white/light blue shirt under the jumper.

Again, her trusty belt, holsters and backpack are in attendance. For more details see here.

Great closeup of her jumper

Variations... All variations come in two versions, with and without a jacket.

Pink Version

Brown and Orange Version

A great high resolution promo shot - click for the full version

Lara Croft - The Cradle Of Life - Wetsuit

This is a very stylish silver-grey full length wetsuit.

It is very form fitting and tucked into black boots.

Lara wears a waterproof belt with a single holster on her right hip, housing a harpoon gun.

Her belt has two crotch straps to keep it in place while Lara is swimming.

She has a rucksack with extra straps attached to her belt to keep in firmly in place.

Her watch is also waterproof and she has black fingerless glove that she wears some of the time with this outfit.



Lara Croft - Angel Of Darkness - Wetsuit

This wetsuit is totally different to the Tomb Raider II wetsuit.

Once again it is made of neoprene, a synthetic rubber.

It is a two-tone blue suit, lighter sleeves and shorts with darker navy body.

Her feet are bare or in flippers and she wears a divers knife in a toughened rubber scabbard on her right calf.

It is zipped to just under Lara's boobs, but the zip does extend slightly further up than she does it up.

She wears her usual belt, holsters and backpack. More details can be found here.


Lara Croft - Tomb Raider II - Wetsuit

Lara's wetsuit is made by Sola, who are a leading British manufacturer of marine accessories.

It is made of neoprene, a synthetic rubber, and is a short/half length suit, with short sleeves and legs.

The wetsuit has blue sleeves, a grey body and black/dark grey legs, with the Sola logo on the chest.

Lara's regular belt is present and correct, as is her backpack. See Classic Lara costume for details.


Lara Croft - Underworld

The pictures on this page are all pre-release, so the costume may have changed slightly now the game is out.
Also, some of the promos are mirror images of each other so it's hard to tell which side some things are on.

Lara's t-shirt is a tight fitting stretchy v-neck, with a very plunging neckline.
It has a chocolate brown front panel and charcoal black sides, with a brown back.
In some of the pictures the black panels appear to be a breathable mesh fabric.
The top is cropped, finishing above Lara's belly button.

There are two bottom-half versions of this outfit, the trousers version is pictured above.
Her trousers appear to be black leather pants, low slung on her hips and tucked into her boots.
The second variation is charcoal shorts with black panels at the sides.
The shorts are also hipster style and are very short and snug.

Lara's holsters are black, probably leather and canvas webbing which fasten with a chunky black buckle.
There is a pouch on one side which seems to house her grapple.

Her boots are heavy biker boots in black leather with silver metal accents.
The boots have two straps around the leg and one across the foot.
When worn with shorts, there are thick white socks visible under the boots.

There is no good shot of her backpack, but it is a compact black style.
The shoulder straps are linked across her chest with a thin strap of leather that goes behind her back.
The shoulder straps also have silver D-rings on them.

Lara wears black (probably leather) fingerless gloves and has a black band on one wrist.

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