Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Lara Croft - The Last Revelation & Chronicles - Young Lara

In the training level of The Last Revelation and in Tomb Raider Chronicles you get to play as young Lara.

Her sleeveless top is a white/light blue colour, with an slightly shorter
olive green padded bodywarmer over the top, and comes right up to her neck.

Her shorts are also an olive colour and are much longer than the adult Lara's, and slightly looser.

In the game her outfit looks a solid green colour, but in these promo shots it's a camouflage pattern.

In terms of fabric, the top is more than likely a stretch cotton, and the shorts and bodywarmer are cotton.

She wears the same style of black boots and white socks as her adult counterpart.

Other significant differences include a lack of weapons and a different hairstyle.

Young Lara's hair is pulled into pigtails, with strands of hair around her face.


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