Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Lara Croft - Hair & Makeup

This is the place to find out about Lara's hair and makeup, plus a few other Tomb Raiding beauty tips!


One of Lara's most distinctive features is her hair, usually styled in a braid.

You have to have fairly long hair to do this, at least shoulder length.
My hair is about waist length and I can't get a braid as long as Lara's,
so for an ultra-realistic Lara braid you'll need very long hair, extensions or a wig!

Here are a couple of French Braid tutorials, they explain how to braid better than I could, and there are pictures.

Do a French Braid on someone else
Do a French Braid on yourself

The Lara models tend to have a ponytail with hair elastics around it at
regular intervals so it gives the impression of Lara's hair in the earlier games.

Here's Lucy Clarkson as an example...


In Tomb Raider Legend Lara has a new hairstyle - a ponytail.


These shots of in-game Lara and Legend model Karima Adebibe should give you some idea.

The hair is center-parted and Lara has a long fringe (bangs) that also parts in the middle.

In some games we also see Young Lara, and she sports two pigtails and a similar fringe.


Lara is very natural in the games, only her full lips are really defined.
As far as lipstick colours go, she usually wears one a little darker than her natural lip colour.

She quite often has lovely eyelashes to define her eyes, so either
a nice amount of black mascara or fake eyelashes if you prefer.

A tiny bit of brown or black eyeliner to define the shape can be nice, but don't go over the top.


Lara's eyes are a deep golden brown.
The only exceptions to this are the Goth outfits in Legend where her eyes are blue,
and in the Tomb Raider Movies where Angelina Jolie's eyes are green.
The Tomb Raider models do not always have dark eyes either

One thing of note is that Lara, being way too busy for plucking, has quite thick eyebrows.
They are nicely shaped, but not overly plucked, so watch out for that!

Here's some reference pics from Legend and Underworld:

Larger versions of the pics on this page are here:


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