Monday, 1 March 2010

Amanda Evert - Tomb Raider Legend

Amanda wears a grey leather outfit with a very low cut bra top.
Her trousers are bootcut and have lacing detail at the sides of the slight flare at the bottom of the legs.
You can't tell what her boots are like, but they appear to be laced.
She wears a choker and has borrowed Lara's tan holsters and backpack!
Her hair is white and cut just above her shoulders.
She has a lot of tattoos and wears dramatic makeup.

Amanda - Winter Outfit - Tomb Raider Legend

This outfit is a little warmer - Amanda wears a black long-sleved jacket with leather detailing on the front and cuffs.
I'd guess this coat would be woolen to keep out the cold.
She wears tight black trousers tucked into big black knee-high boots.
She has full black leather gloves and has Lara's holsters and backpack again.

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