Monday, 1 March 2010

Lara Croft - The Cradle Of Life - Biking Outfit

This is Lara's outfit while she is biking along the Great Wall of China.

She wears a white t-shirt and beige trousers, similar to jodpurs.

Her jacket is gold, with white stripes and embroidered designs on each side.

The lining of the jacket is a rich scarlet, and there is an embroidered tiger on the back.

Her belt and holsters are brown leather and hold two spare ammo clips for her pistols at the back.

She also wears a watch with a hard cover over the face and a brown leather strap on her left wrist.

Her matching hard covered backpack has a zip around all but the bottom edge.

Her boots are brown leather with laces and two buckled straps, and come to about mid-calf height.

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Boots and holster

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Boots again

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A great look at the back of Lara's holsters and belt

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The embroidered tiger




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  1. If anyone has any idea on how the holsters are secure and do not fall out or:

    where the original rig (belt & holsters) from either of the movies are being held so I can travel to them and look at them

    please e-mail either:


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