Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Lara Croft - The Cradle Of Life - Safari Outfit

This outfit is a stone colour - the promo pics and caps vary in colour, but stone seems to be about right!

Her shirt is fitted and waist length, tied in a knot at the bottom.

It has a pocket on each side and mother-of-pearl buttons.

It has short sleeves which have a strap to keep them turned up to two different levels - Lara wears
them at the longer level, but there is a button on her shoulder to turn them up further.

Her trousers are tailored, with a zip fastener and a single button.

She wears her hard-covered watch with a wide leather strap on her left writst.

She has a khaki canvas bag with a long strap that she wear across her chest.

Her boots are brown leather and knee-length.

Under her shirt she wears a white sleeveless round-necked vest, which looks to be a ribbed stretch material.

Around her neck she wears the gold medallion on a black string that she got during her time among the Terra-cotta Warriors.







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