Monday, 1 March 2010

About Me

Name: Louise

Nickname: LouMoo

Age: 28

Lives: Wales, UK

Partner: Gary, 30

We're both big Tomb Raider fans, we started with Tomb Raider 2 or 3, but really got into the series with
The Last Revelation when it came bundled with the Dreamcast we bought.
The Tomb Raiders are some of my favourite games, and I particularly love Legend as it's the first I've played
properly for myself. Before I was helping by pointing out what I thought we should do and shrieking at things
that attacked us! I was pretty good round the mansion, but I turned into a nervous wreck in the actual games,
more often than not getting squished by a rolling boulder!
Imagine my delight when I managed to avoid exactly that at the start of Legend!
I also love the costumes of Legend - some say that it makes Lara into a glorified Barbie doll, but I love Barbies, so I'm not complaining!
And let's face it, Lara has always had style, so why not a whole wardrobe?

Barbies are the reason I started this site. I like to customise them and had made a Lara doll
based on the first movie years ago, and wanted to make her some new outfits.
I had a quick look around and was suprised to find not a lot! Since then I've found a few sites,
but at the time I just though "right, if you want something doing, do it yourself!"
So I did!
I've run websites for years, but this is the biggest that I've started,
my others have often grown to be huge, but over years, not weeks and months!
I'm proud of everything I've compiled here, and it's already helped me to make a
Lengend outfit and the ripped evening dress for my Lara doll, so I'm happy!

Here's my Lara movie doll in her Legend outfit:

And in her ripped evening dress:

On 3rd January 2007, I won my first award for this site!

Thanks so much to Linny at Codename Croft for her patience when Angelfire was playing up, her helpful advice and compliments!

Old version of award:

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